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Jane Austen Centre, Bath

A Website devoted to Bath and Jane Austen's relationship with it, also containing various sections including lists of upcoming Austen-related events, essays on her works and characters and even recipes

Jane Austen Resources (Japan)

An excellent list of Jane Austen resources

The Austen Heroines Quiz
is a clever and amusing test allowing you to discover which Austen heroine you are most like. Its author also composed the useful Emma adaptations &c

The Victorian Web

An impressive variety of resources about all subjects around the 19th Century, especially authors, even those like Jane Austen who predated Victoria

The internet wing of an excellent publishing house

Philomel Productions

Another excellent publisher specialising in academic and children's books


The Jane Austen Society of North America

Austen for Beginners

A site for those new to Jane Austen including good summaries of her novels *Work in Progress*

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