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Essay Assistance
As a new service here at J.A.Y.Q.A. we are offering to look over essays you have written and offer comments and suggestions for corrections to them. This is carried out by the Author, who is very experienced with marking and advising on university essays and theses relating to Austen, (amongst other topics) although less advanced essays are also welcome. As this is a personal service we must ask that you pay a small fee. Normally we will only be able to assist with essays written in English.*

The process for this will be as follows:
1. Send your draft essay to J_Nausten{at} (click, or copy replacing '{at}' with '@' to email us) either in the text of the email or in a reasonably common format such as a .doc, .rtf, .txt or a .pdf file. The simpler, the better. Tell us if there is an imminent deadline for the work such that any comments we send will only be useful for 2 days, for example, or if it's particularly the facts or content which you want help with.

2. We'll try to email you back almost immediately to say if it will be possible to help you and if it is we'll email back again when the response is ready.

3. You can then send payment through the Paypal donation button** on the home page. Please send 8 (pounds sterling) for an essay of up to 3,000 words with an additional 1.50 per 1000 words up to 8,000 words, then an additional 1.50 per 2,000 words after that. So for example a 5,000 word essay would cost 11 and a 20,000 word essay would cost 24.50.

4. We will then email you the comments almost immediately.

*There is a reasonable chance we might be able to help with an essay written in French, though we may have to adjust the price. Any other language is less likely, but feel free to make enquiries.
** You will need a credit card to use Paypal. Whilst we are in principle open to other forms of payment, we will not send on a reply if there is any doubt as to whether payment is forthcoming, nor will we pass bank account details across under any circumstances. If you are intending to use a form of payment other than a credit card, please raise this as early as possible.