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Question 139 Character and characterisation (especially Elizabeth) in Pride and Prejudice
Question 138 Phraseological units in Pride and Prejudice as the means of expressing emotions of love and admiring
Question 137 What was the publishing date (and possibly the value) of this early edition of Austen's Sense and Sensibility?
Question 136 Was Jane Austen a cynic or a realist (in reference to Sense and Sensibility)?
Question 135 Compare and contrast Darcy and Bingley's personalities in Pride and Prejudice

Answer page 36

Question 134 Can Jane Austen be seen as a feminist?
Question 133 Where can I find Jane Austen themed playing cards?
Question 132 Contrast and compare the lessons learned from Anne Elliot and her friendship with Mrs. Smith and
what Anne Elliot could have shared with Harriet Smith of Emma & Elizabeth Bennet of P&P regarding women, class mobility, & marriage?
Question 131 Good articles on the web
Question 130 My partner suggested that Jane actually got married - I have my doubts
Question 129 Are there any living relatives of Jane Austen today?

Answer page 35

Question 128 Why has Jane Austen been called a ""Marxist before Marx"?.
Question 127 For what purpose did Wickham chose Lydia to marry in Pride and Prejudice?
Question 126 Snippets of conversation expressing the bond between Jane and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice for a drama assignment.
Question 125 I was wondering if you know where I could find your style of dresses. I would need ones for under $300 American dollars.
Question 124 Where can I find Jane Austen's Elegy written by her sister Cassandra?

Answer page 34

Question 123 I need help with a thesis statement regarding inheritance and money with reference to S&S.
Question 122 I have an old large portait or painting entitled Unhappy which has J.A.Austen & CO.in lower right.
Question 121 In P&P, how does Austen tell the story in chapter 29? Struggling to find latinate vocabulary and irony etc.
Question 120 How is London represented in Jane Austen's books in general?
Question 119 (Multiple quickfire questions)

Answer page 33

Question 118 Elements of city life in Jane Austen's first two novels
Question 117 In P&P, the Longbourne estate is entailed 'away from the female line' but not for Miss DeBourge
Question 116 What is Austen's contribution to the English novel and how does she justify the begining of the era of the realist novel?
Question 115 In P&P, what did you mean when you referenced ------shire? Is it pronounced "dashesshire", or is the real name a secret?

Answer page 32

Question 114 How effectively does Jane Austen use irony in Persuasion?
Question 113 Human understanding and humour in Pride and Prejudice.
Question 112 How are Lydia and Elizabeth Bennet alike and unalike, and why has Austen rendered them as such?
Question 111 Emma -the language, genre, themes, point of view, readings, structure and discourses

Answer page 31

Question 110 What is the role of religion in Pride and Prejudice and how does Austen handle the topic?
Question 109 In Emma what palpable role does Frank Churchill play? What is his significance to the text and to Emma? Why is he important?
Question 108 I need to write a seminar paper on " The study of women psyche in Jane Austen", and I would ask you to give me some basic thesis which I could focus on, for Pride and Prejudice is all that I've read.

Answer page 30

Question 107 Tell me about Emma's interrupted friendship with Harriet smith, Jane Fairfax and Mr Woodhouse
Question 106 Box Hill in Emma
Question 105 Austen's satiricial style (wrt Northanger Abbey)
Question 104 Irony, characterisation and manners in Mansfield Park

Answer page 29

Question 103 It has been argued that Jane Austen's concerns are narrow and parochial, and that as a result her novels do not take part in the great debates of her time. What would you say? (With ref. to Emma)
Question 102 Who writes the answers for the site?
Question 101 Where is this quote: "The very first moment I beheld him my heart was irrevocably gone." from?
Question 100 How many of your books have been published and sold over the years? How many languages have your books been translated into?
Question 99 How were your books published? Was it through your brother Edward?

Answer page 28

Question 98 I have read where Jane Austen's mother Cassandra Leigh was related to William Pitt the Elder & William Pitt the Younger. What is the connection & is it on her mother or father's side?
Question 97 Is Pride and Prejudice a novel about women who feel they should be married to be happy?
Question 96 I'm doing an essay on Northanger Abbey, I really need to know: where there is villainy, where the romantic and gothic elements are (particularly quotes), where there is emotion and where there is horror.
Question 95 Why are most of Jane Austen's novels not written in the epistolary form? How important are the letters in her novels? What functions do they have? How important were letters in the nineteenth century?

Answer page 27

Question 94 Could you help me to make a review on Sense and Sensibility?
Question 93 Hi Jane, I'm doing a project on the feminist elements in Pride and Prejudice. can you please help?
Question 92 My grandmother's aunt, Miss Janet Friendship, once said to me that our family was related to Jane Austen. My details are very vague. She said that the Friendships were related to the Snow family and that this may be the link to the Austens.
Question 91 Do the opening chapters of Emma and Pride and Prejudice have any relation in style, tone, theme? Were both novels set in the same era?

Answer page 26

Question 90 What influenced Jane Austen's writing about rich people verses poor people?
Question 89 Would anyone like to buy a copy of Life of Jane Austen by Goldwin Smith (good condition)?
*Still available*
Question 88 Several questions concerning annual income during the 19th century.
Question 87 What was the location for Pemberley in the 1980 BBC version of P&P? Thanks.
Question 86 In Emma, it says: to carry round the refreshments at exactly the proper hour, and in the proper order. in reference to Mrs. Elton's party. What does this mean?

Answer page 25

Question 85 Northanger Abbey is a novel written by a woman, for women and about women. Is that the statement you would have accepted
Question 84 What are 'Bath Novels' wrt Northanger Abbey?
Question 83 1. In Pride and Prejudice is Jane Bennet prejudiced? 2. Why did you change the title of the novel from First Impressions?
Question 82 Gothic Imagery in Northanger Abbey

Answer page 24

Question 81 ''''Linguo-poetical significance'''' in Pride and Prejudice
Question 80 How did Jane Austen contributions help our lives and society today?
Question 79 Why is Jane Austen important? What did she accomplish? How did she accomplish it?
Question 78 Can you explain to me how Austen uses the elements of satire and irony in her novels?
Question 77 Are there any references to Jane Austen visiting Eastwell Park near Ashford?

Answer page 23

Question 76 Why have Jane Austen's novel's lasted so long when other female author’s works during Jane Austen's time are today nearly unheard of?
Question 75 Could you explain how Jane Austen uses narration throughout the novel Pride and Prejudice?
Question 74 Comparing Jane Austen and other contemporary female writers: George Eliot and Marie Corelli, on the social or political issues that they covered.

Answer page 22

Question 73 For Pride and Prejudice, 2 questions:
q 1 ) How does Austen inter-weave the theme of gender injustice with that of love and marriage ? 
q 2) Attempt a feminist reading of Pride and Prejudice?
Question 72 Lead females, Marriage and Feminism in P & P, S & S and Emma.
Question 71 What is it that makes Sense and Sensibility an anti-Romantic novel?

Answer page 21

Question 70 I'm doing a book review. What literary trends were used in Pride and Prejudice?
Question 69 In Pride and Prejudice I've noticed that Jane conveys her thoughts through Elizabeth.
Question 68 Which character(s) in Emma would be considered the "madwoman in the attic" and what anxieties about authorship and women's authority over language could she be embodying?
Question 67 Is Jane Austen's work still protected by copyright or has it been moved into Public Domain?

Answer page 20

Question 66 Is there a book on the property/house Pemberly?
Question 65 Can you help me with this question (for Pride and prejudice)
"Discuss; characters in novels are merely representations of attitudes and values".
Question 64 I've heard it said that your title Pride and Prejudice, and indeed the concepts you use in that novel were influenced by reading the work of David Hume. Is this true?

Answer page 19

Question 63 Examples of Feminism in Emma.
Question 62 "Claudia Johnson says of Jane Austen's Emma that 'with the exception of Knightley, all the people in control are women'. Does the novel present a positive model of female authority?"
Question 61 What are the main comparisons for Mansfield Park and Emma e.g. themes?

Answer page 18

Question 60 Which book is this, and can you recommend another?
Question 59 Jane Austen, the Slave trade and Mansfield Park
Question 58 Characterisation, and Jane Austen as a conduct novelist and product of her age

Answer page 17

Question 57 Jane Austen's style or styles of writing
Question 56 Touching/inspiring quotes in Jane Austen
Question 55 'Family' quotes in Pride and Prejudice
Question 54 Jane Austen, genre conventions and universal truths -especially in Northanger Abbey

Answer page 16

Question 53 Where can I find the Jane Austen Quilt Pattern?
Question 52 Northanger Abbey -Henry and Eleanor on Frederick and Isabella
Question 51 Where can I find maps of Jane Austen's England? Particularly for Emma

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